Francis Vang

​Robin FAC 

In January of 1971, I was sent by General Vang Pao to Udorn Thailand for 8 months for more English Training. In 1972, I was sent to the Civilian Aviation Training Centre in Bangkok Thailand for 3 months. We studied basic aviation academics.  My next assignment was to Civilian Aviation Training Centre Thailand for flight training in the T-41. In September 1972, I returned to Vientiane, Laos and attended the English language school at the Royal Lao Arm Forces language school. I received my English certification and returned back to Long Tieng, LS 20A.

On May 15, 1975, the Communist Pathet Lao took over the country, I moved my family to Nom Phong, Thailand as refugees.

In 1976, my family and I immigrated to Chicago, IL to start a new life in the United States. In my life in the states, I’ve worked in manufacturing as a machine operator and in skilled trades. Today I’m retired at Age 68 and live in twin cities of Minnesota.Type your paragraph here.

I, Francis FoungVang was born on May 06, 1950 in Ban Xieng Khoung, Laos. I am the third oldest of four sons of Mr. Nhia Dang Vang and Sheng Yang.

My father served in the Royal Lao Armed Forces and later with the CIA Special Guerrilla Units from1961 to 1975. His rank is Major… 

He past away in 1987 in Merced, CA. The USA. My mom was a housewife. She died in 2007 at Merced, CA. The USA.

In 1967, at the age of 18, I finished my High School Diploma at Sam Thong Laos, Xieng Khuong, Laos.

In 1968, I trained and served as Forward Air Control translator scout for the CIA. 
In 1969, I served as the Robin translator flying with Raven FACs in Military Region ll. On the job training, over enemy-held territory was brief. Every day was a new fight.

I remember three incidents very well during my time of service. The first was being shot by anti-aircraft machine gun. I was unharmed but my Raven pilot was shot in the arm. We both survived and landed our T28 in L-S 20,    (Vientiane?)

The year was early 1970. The Second incident occurred in mid-1970. Raven 47 and I were in a 01 Cessna to report on a bombing site when our plane stalled and scraped the trees before we were able to gain enough power to lift above the trees. We were able to land on the PDJ safely. Type your paragraph here.