David Ramsey "Round Sounds" collection

T-28D, Roger Daisley collection

PAVN Anti-Aircraft 23mm gun ring, 1970, PDJ

NVA Truck convoy attacked  Rt 6, 1970

O1 Bird Dog T-28d O1 Bird Dog

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Two PAVN BTR40A SPAGG, 4-wheel drive APC armed with Twin ZPTU-2 14.5mm  Anti-Aircraft guns in turret, able to quickly traverse their near vertical elevation and horizontal parameters.

PAVN, PT76 Tank, flack trap bait, Rt 7, 1970 

Special Guerilla unit Outpost

Close Air Support, Special Guerrilla Warfare in Laos. Ambassador's Secret War. AIRA, ARMA, USIS, General Vang Pao. Hmong Freedom Fighters. My Ravens,  Robin Scout Translators, Cha Pha Khao Fighter Pilots, Special Guerrilla Unit (SGU),  Special Operations, SKY, CAS, Air America, Continental Air, Refugees, USAID, Project 404, Det. 1 56th SOW, DEPCHIEF,  RTA, RTAF, RLA, RLAF, RLG, PL, LPLA, NVA, PAVN, ICC.

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Captured PAVN BTR 40A, Twin 14.5mm Anti Aircraft Guns in turret,

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AT 28 Attack PAVN Stronghold

Long Tieng, 1970, Runway 32, Skyline Ridge, The Quiet Civil War, Hmong Operations

Hmong Sky Line Ridge Defenders, February 1970

Raven Craig Morrison and Hmong Refugees, Long Tieng, 1970.

 Raven FACs  and Maintainer Banditos 1969.

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